2020 – Week 5 Chronicles

Hard to believe how quickly this ski season is going by & unfortunately we are continuing our trend of weekly trips to the First Aid headquarters!  I will fill you in on those in a minute.

The trip up was pretty smooth, kids enjoyed the movies and upon arrival as we always do we remind everyone to grab all their belongings and head in.  Immediately I was met by 2 students from the 6th/7th grade bus that had lost their season passes so I brought them in to customer service to grab replacement passes!  Thanks to the awesome staff at Group sales for not charging the kids for new passes!!  Remember Season Passes are the students responsibility, we only collect & pass out the 8 week passes weekly.

Next it was off to the Granite room where somebody always needs to borrow from my extra gear bag!  Thanks to 1 of our chaperones that let 1 of our older kids borrow a pair of snow pants.  Its finally quiet again, kids are at their lessons or off skiing with friends.  The temps were warm and even though we have had no snow Wachusett’s snow making has kept the mountain in great shape!

I asked the chaperones to try and get some action shots of the kids and Brian and Paul were able to get quite a few nice group pics.  Its not always easy to do but we do try our best.  Many just are off skiing and rarely come in or the chaperones don’t recognize them once they are out & all geared up.  Mary’s Mom showed up to see her and her granddaughters!  A nice surprise for them and I told the other chaperones it was because Eli wasn’t there yesterday!! Even sent him a pic of his mom and all the girls.  We all know he would of done the same if rolls were reversed!😂

5:30 injury #1 was called in.  Upon arrival I see Chris, one of our 8th graders with ice on his back and pupils that looked like junior mints!  Although he wiped out pretty hard he was able to ski down to First Aid with his friend that witnessed his fall & was able to describe the not so pretty landing to the folks in First Aid.  Luckily his Dad is a chaperone and was able to join his son and determine he was probably done for the day.  I am happy to report Chris went to school today and is feeling much better.

Back in the Granite Room it is a little louder than normal.  Many kids decided to wrap up early and socialize rather than ski or ride.  Please remind your kids how much money you spent on ski club, it was warm last night, nobody should be in except to eat dinner.  We tell the kids every week to stay out till 7:00 ish.  The buses do not leave until 7:30 & last night apparently some were trying to get out to the buses before 7:15.  They all know the drill by now, nobody goes to the bus until 7:15.  A bus chaperone must be on each of the buses 1st.

Another reminder, if you are at Wachusett and are taking your child or their friends home with you, you must sign them out yourselves on our attendance sheet.  There are 3 buses, 3 attendance sheets, and 3 different groups of bus chaperones.  This should be done prior to 7:15, heck we don’t care if you sign them out at 5pm, just make sure to sign them out and try to communicate it to the appropriate chaperone.   Only adults can sign out, also if you are taking a child that is not your own please have the parent text us and let us know.

6:30 injury #2 was reported… This 1 was a little different, one of our youngest and smallest riders wiped out and injured his head and neck.  Mason is in 4th grade , rides my bus and has really come a long way in a short time.  He loves snowboarding and has done well however this injury resulted in a snowmobile trip down the mountain, an exam in the 1st aid & ultimately an ambulance ride to Umass as a precaution.  With any neck or head injury typically Wachusett will require an ambulance ride.  This is where things became a little chaotic.  I need to let the others know I will be going to the hospital with Mason.  One chaperone is in charge of locating his bag and sneakers in the rental lodge, another needs to grab his bag off the bus.  I need another chaperone to drive my kid along with the other 3 I drive back home from UHS to my street.  On top of all this mind you today is the day I had 4 regular bus chaperones out.  They all did a fantastic job springing into action and Paul offered to meet me at UMass to get me home after, forgot that minor detail myself!  All in all it seemed all was going well until I get a phone call at 8:43 that Jim is at UHS with 2 brothers and their friend still waiting for a ride!!!  PLEASE if you are going to be late for any reason we need to be notified.  This was a 1st and hopefully a last.  Plan on arriving at the high school by 8:10, its much easier for you to wait in a warm car than for the kids and a chaperone to have to wait outside in the cold after a long afternoon of skiing.  His family was in his car and he had no extra room to even have them get in and stay warm….

I am so happy to report that Mason is fine.  He handled a scary situation and was very brave!

Too much excitement for all of us last night but I can promise you that your kids are lucky to have such a great group of chaperones looking after them!!!

Now for some funny now blunders that at the time probably weren’t so funny:

  1. Eric forgetting all his gear at Wachusett probably because he was focused on being in charge of Eli’s bus in his absence.  Eric if your gonna forget anything I am glad it was gear and not a kid!!!
  2. When I thought my bus left one of my bus chaperones behind!  Well they did however it was because they were searching for our chaperone bag with all the chaperone passes in it!  Between Demetria trying to text me and call me and me trying to put her words together in the dead zone leaving Wachusett it was pretty crazy!  I cannot thank her enough for taking over the 4th/5th grade bus by herself and for driving my son and the 3 neighborhood kids home!!!  You Rock!

Don’t worry Jim drove Josh home after I texted the other 2 buses to see if Josh was with them!!!  This is when having a really bad cell service makes an already stressful situation worse!  Hey at least it wasn’t a kid & he wasn’t really left behind!!!!

Next week will be week 6 and for those taking lessons it will be your last lesson!

We will be off for February vacation and back at it for week 7 on Feb. 25th  Our last day will be Tuesday March 3rd.  The kids that take lessons love the last 2 weeks.  Being able to practice what they learned and having that extra hour to ski with their friends is always so much fun.

Be sure to check out Ski Bums for some great pics & I will attach a few below as well.


Have a nice weekend all!

See you next Tuesday!!!

Shelley, Jim, & Eli

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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