2020 – Week 6 Chronicles

Well we finally did it!!! We went ONE night without any trips to First Aid!!

It was an unexpected surprise to all how amazing the conditions were!!  Props to Wachusett for maintaining there trails so well.  It was definitely a lot less crowded than normal as some of the surrounding schools cancelled their ski club.  Their loss was certainly our benefit!  The kids were able to get in their last lessons of the season and one of the instructors personally came over to us to let us know how amazing his group of newbie snowboarders did!  They wrapped up their 6th lesson by riding down Smith Walton which is Wachusett’s most difficult Black Diamond Trail!!!! Keep in mind some of these kids had never been on skis or a snowboard before!  We are so proud of all of them.   Every year we watch them grow so much in our program.  Not only do they learn a new sport, they also learn so many other life skills.

Eli’s 6th/7th grade bus was full of energy this week.  If you could remind your kids the bus rules of no standing or being excessively loud that would be great!

My bus also has a good time!  The 4th graders are pretty quiet but the crew in the back of the bus are a silly bunch!  Truth or Dare was the game being played & my kid took the dare to lick the bus window!  Aside from being totally disgusting I promised him if he got sick  I would have zero sympathy!

They also could care less about the movie, Christmas Vacation, until the scene with the girl in the pool!  Lots of oooohing going on!  😂

Lost items were down this week however we still have kids forgetting their passes or jackets either at home or the bus!  Lucky for them we are usually able to bail them out of any jam and get them going pretty quickly!  Right Gabe? LOL

It really does take a village!!

Mason was back on the mountain ripping it up after leaving last Tuesday in an Ambulance!  Way to rebound kid!  He was treated with a candy bar from one of Wachusett’s Owners, Carolyn Crowley.  She even posed for a pic with him!

We are offering a mini trial session during our week 7 trip to anyone in grades 3 and up that has wanted to see what ski club is all about.  Flyers should be getting mailed out but if you know anyone interested please forward the attached flyer to them & have them email me directly with any questions!!!  This mini session will take place Tuesday, February 25th.  The parents would need to drive their child up & meet us at Wachusett and then they will receive a discounted lift pass & rentals for that day!  Spread the Word!

Another awesome opportunity to our current group is Wachusett’s  REST – NEXT Season Pass.  Check it out on their site.  One of our members purchased it today and used our GPS Group Name: Uxbridge Ski Bums but I am pretty sure if you use our School Group Name: TUXB it will also work.

Log on to Wachusett.com & select Tickets & Passes from top header, then under tickets & seasonal passes select Rest of Season.  From there scroll down until you see Rest – Next GrouPS Bronze Season Passes.  Junior Passes (6-12) are $269 Adult (13-64) are $279.  Once you add to your cart it will ask for the WTP # & Upload Pic, skip over that.  Group Name should be TUXB for student or Uxbridge Ski Bums for anyone else.

Basically if your child plans to do ski club this year and does not currently have a season pass this is a great opportunity to purchase the season pass for next season and be able to use from Feb. 24, 2020 – end of the 2021 season.

Fact:  This season the 8 week Tuesday pass cost was $138 (Up $8 from Previous Season)  These are Wachusett’s Prices for Ski Club.  If you buy a season Pass for $269 you are spending $131 more however your child can go any night plus Monday-Friday days.  If you went up 2 extra times this year you would of paid same price as a season pass holder.  The pass is a better choice if your child will go at least 2 extra times outside of the 8 ski club days.  Definitely  worth checking out as I know from talking to your kids they LOVE Ski Club!!!!

Bronze Pass:   Weekdays Mon-Fri, except Holidays & School Breaks

All Nights (Mon-Sun)

$15 Off Weekend/Holiday Tickets

Enjoy February Break! I know many will be hitting the slopes, don’t forget Wachusett offers Tubing on Sundays from 5pm-10pm for $10/hour.  Also parents, Wachusett has a great restaurant upstairs from The Coppertop Lounge so even if you don’t ski, grab the kids and relax in the lounge or restaurant for a few hours while the kids Ski or Ride or Tube!!!

Post your pics to FaceBook Group on Ski Bums!!!

A few Pic from week 6     https://photos.app.goo.gl/WRUJM5g9p9me8mPa7

See Everyone on Tuesday the 25th!

P.S. Think Local said orders should be in during school break week.  For all that ordered gear maybe you’ll have it for week 7!!!

Shelley. Jim, & Eli

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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