2020 – Week 4 Chronicles

This week was relatively quiet!  The mountain was in decent shape giving the lack of real snow & heavy rain on Saturday.  We did however have 1 injury that required a trip to the First Aid Building.  Poor kid was doing the right thing while Mom was getting ready to go out and ski with him. He was  attempting to put his boot bag up on  the top shelf rather than leaving it on the floor like most of them do and it fell.   As he attempted to catch the out of control falling bag it crashed into his finger sandwiching his finger between the bag & the back of a chair!  As I am witnessing this I realize trips without injury is being reset back again to zero.  I attempted to quickly run the screaming boy to the closest bathroom to run it under cold water.  As I am standing awkwardly outside the men;s room I can’t help but wonder, Is he ever coming out of there!  Finally he emerges and the finger is now purple & some strange lump is protruding from the knuckle.  Ok lets just have First Aid take a quick look & get some ice on it I say to him.

Luckily after some tears it is determined that he can bend it.  Poor kid though, It was purple and swollen & he decided he would be done for the day.  I teased him & said just tell everyone you “Crushed it at Wachusett Today”

Lost COW card & single LABELED glove made it back to Cam!  I texted his Mom to let her know that I’d put the card in the glove! Still no luck on Coop’s pants though!

Caroline’s older brother joined us this week while on winter break from Mass Maritime Academy.  He told me not much has changed from when he did ski club with Mr. Francis, I will take that as a compliment!  He was even able to produce his vintage COW card from elementary school.  I was so impressed by that there is a pic of it!  Definitely scrap book worthy considering the age of it and the fact that he still has it!!!

My own kid got off the bus without his jacket!!!  Oh and bonus his season pass was in the jacket!!!  Thanks to Greg Walsh for taking Ben down to the parked bus lot to retrieve the coat I reminded him twice to put on!!! The struggle is real!  So now both my kids have made the chronicles!  One does not even belong to our ski club!!!  Next week should be interesting when my oldest & a few of his friends drive up to ski with us!

Eli skied again with some of the littles and as always they managed to get a great group pic, some of those kids may or may not be from Uxbridge, but its a great group pic, lol!!!

We welcomed back Kason who was injured in the fall & was just cleared to ski & next week we welcome back Bryce who injured himself in December and is now cleared to return!!!  Lets all stay healthy and safe from here on out please!!!!

4 more weeks of ski club remain!  We will go February 4th & 11th then skip the 18th for school break.  Our last day is March 3rd.

Keep a close eye on your kids COW card balances, I currently gave 53 cents on my $50 card & $13.00 on my $90 cow card for my kids.  Looks like someone will be brown bagging it next week!!!

Remember this Saturday night is Midnight Madness at the Mountain.  Ski or Ride until midnight and Sledding on Sundays from 5-10pm for only $10/hour.

Wachusett also has an app now!  I installed it last week and its actually pretty good, better than their website!!  Check it out, Paul Paulino you will love it!!!😂

Only a few pics this week folks sorry!


See You Next Tuesday!!!

Shelley, Jim, & Eli

P.S. Special thanks to my bus driver that finally resolved the sound issue with the movie for the ride home from Wachusett!  Riding up watching Jaws with sub titles while the kids in unison decided to chant, “Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet” Let’s just say was only cute for 2.2 seconds! 😂😂

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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