2020 – Week 3 Chronicles

What a difference a week makes. The mountain was back to being completely snow covered and temps were definitely more seasonable and by that I mean chilly!!!!  Most of the kids were ready for it but others came in with red faces and cold hands.  Face masks and hand warmers are a must if you plan to be out in those temps so please make sure your kids have a few packed.  As always my spare gear was utilized this week.  Someone needed snow pants, two others needed face masks, someone else needed hand warmers.  Thankfully we are usually prepared for whatever catastrophe they throw at us!  Even the little girl whose purple sock was found in the Granite room was returned to her on my bus, oddly all the boys were claiming the sock as their own when I walked up and down the aisle looking for the owner!  Silly bunch of boys on my bus!!!

Unfortunately our days without injury is back to 0.  Luckily it turned out to be nothing too serious but she did get a fancy ride down the mountain by ski patrol.  Thanks to Jim U for shuttling her and her sister back to school for us!  Her parents texted me this morning to let me know that the Academy Award for actress in a drama film goes to their daughter!  Love how these parents share our sense of humor! LOL  We are all just happy to know she will be fine and back at it next week!

Lost items:  1 unlabeled COW card found on the UHS bus & 1 coat recovered at Wachusett, miraculously unlabeled but locked up safe and sound and waiting for us next week!

This weeks movie was old school Sponge Bob brought by our bus chaperone Jim B!  Pretty sure he laughed as much as the kids!  FYI someone brought JAWS for a choice.  We aired on the side of caution and said lets make sure everyone is on board with it.  Ask your kids on the 4th/5th grade bus if they would like to see it.  If someone is not ok with it message me on my cell and we will not show it.  However when our seniors were in ski club they watched Dumb & Dumber on the 4th Grade bus!  They turned out OK, just sayin! 😂😂

Speaking of Seniors, our very own Brandon Bibeault was acknowledged yesterday for being the only participant to have been part of ski club from grades 4-12!  That is quite a journey from a little 10 year old that didn’t know how to ski to an 18 year old senior that glides down any trail with ease!

Be sure to check out the pics, for visual effects we stood little Blake Rosborough next to Brandon!  It is crazy how fast time goes by.  Eli and I both have seniors graduating this year!!!!  The 1 thing the 3 of them all still do together is ski even though they are at different schools and have different groups of friends.  Hopefully your kids will continue with the sport and we have more stick with us from 4th grade – 12th grade!

Next week will mark the half way point!  Its always amazing to hear how the newbies just pick it up.  Most of the new snowboarders and skiers are riding the chair lift already and making it down the mountain.  They are all doing so well and seem to know exactly where they need to be and when!

If your looking for something to do this weekend with you kids Wachusett is always a great option plus they have a great band playing in The Copper Top Lounge.  Let the kids ski for a few hours while you relax and enjoy music by The South Street Band, a local band that has played several times up there!

Reminder to keep tabs on your kids COW card balances & repack those bags with all their gear please!  Also Sarah Stark said I forgot to remind the parents about water bottles in the boot bags and this week she had to spend money on water rather than candy so here is your reminder folks! LOL

Only a few pics this week but our video provided by Jim B, 1 of our chaperones is sure to provide a good laugh!  #dadfell 😂




See You Next Tuesday!!!

Shelley, Eli, and Jim U.

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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