2020 – Week 2 Chronicles

Week 2 went off without a hitch! Click on the link to see all the pics:


Everyone arrived for morning drop-off and most kids came in carrying their own gear which was great to see!  Kids should be coming in for drop-off thru the cafeteria door at Whitin preferably without an adult.  Trust me they are more than capable. If they do have too much for 1 trip they can always make 2 trips, it builds character and we are not able to carry their gear at Wachusett and they all manage just fine.  With that being said we were very happy to see that  98% of the skis and boards were in bags, only a couple waiting for their orders to come in.  Thank you for that!!!

We did have two ski bag mix ups at the end of the night last night at UHS.  Luckily it happened there!  Remember to label your bags or put identifying tape or ribbons on it, especially those all black bags.

Another reminder, Season Passes are your child’s responsibility.  We do not collect those weekly.  Only the 8 Week passes are passed out on the bus on the way to mountain then collected on the way home.  During that time those passes should be worn around the students neck and not taking off.  Jayden was certain that Eli did not give him his pass however said pass was found in his bus seat.  Luckily the chaperones checked the seats because the buses leave to the lower lot while we ski so anything forgotten on the bus once we arrive is stuck there till we go home.

A certain girl left her COW card on the bus this week, fortunately we think she is pretty awesome so we made sure she was able to buy dinner and not go hungry.  Apparently making the Chronicles is something kids find embarrassing!  Who knew?    Score for us, lol….this will now be a deterrent from doing silly things in fear of being made fun of by the adults😂  Win Win!!!

In other funny news, Eli stole one of my bus chaperones for the second week in a row as we were boarding the buses at Whitin.  He really does think he is funny!  Don’t worry Eli, we all know you need help! I mean extra help!!!😂😂

The ride up was smooth sailing for the High School bus and 4th/5th grade bus.  Eli’s bus was last, must be all the extra people slowing them down!

Chaperones and students moved quickly upon arrival, everyone made it to rentals and lessons on time this week.  The Granite Room was peaceful for an hour until 5:00,  then it was dinner time!  The kids love that food, remind them to pack water bottles in their boot bags, drinks get pricey and usually they come in thirsty from skiing.  The kids listened to the rules from last week!  They all cleaned up their trays and delivered their leftover fries and nuggets to the chaperone table, just as Eli had instructed them to do!!!  Ya us chaperones eat your kids left over french fries…Don’t judge us, you would too!😂

Although we had temps in the 70’s this weekend the mountain was in decent shape and some of the kids were bribed into going to the top to ski the black diamond trails!  See attached pic of the lucky 9.  Most had never been to the top but Eli’s persuasion mixed with chocolate waffles makes ya do things!!!

I can hear it going down like this, Come on little Suzy, get on this chairlift and when you make it down I will buy you a chocolate waffle!!!  Eli’s description of William going down the mountain was priceless.  Keep in mind this was William’s 3rd time ever on the snow….William 2 feet, fall, gets up, I love snowboarding, 2 feet more, falls, gets up, I love snowboarding, ALL THE WAY DOWN!  LOL…He said Ava was super helpful and William was on a mission to show that snowboard who was in charge!!!  Love it!!!

For the record, he was attempting to take them from the top down an easier trail but it was closed.  No child was in danger, well maybe except for William but he is the youngest of 5 siblings so he is pretty tough!!!

Once everyone came in the fear of being left behind began to set in as everyone frantically began getting out of their gear and packed up.  Kids need to be reminded that they can ski till 7:00 ish and still will have plenty of time to change and walk to the bus for a 7:30 departure.  Also please reiterate, we will not leave without them.

This gave me a great opportunity to capture some great pics of the many awesome parent chaperones that come up to help us with the kids.  I was able to get a pic of almost every parent chaperone with their kid or kids!  I missed a few since they had already snuck away for the bus but got most.

We cannot say it enough, we have the greatest group of chaperones and the kids are so lucky to have such a dedicated group!!!  Remind your kids to thank them, we really do take great care of them while they are with us!

No school Friday, I am going to try to go up for a bit with Ben.  Post on Ski Bums if your going, we can meet up in the Granite Room.  Probably during the day though, supposed to be pretty chilly and I want out of there before the Friday night Ski clubs arrive and the lines are out of control.

Ski Club week 3 will resume after the Monday holiday so don’t forget to have your bags repacked and ready to go Tuesday.

If you know your student will be absent please shoot me a quick text to let me know if possible.

That should do it for week 2!  Check out the link below for the pics from last night.

See You Next Tuesday!!!!

Shelley, Eli, and Jim

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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