2020 – Week 1 Chronicles

Welcome back USSC families past and present,

Click on link below to see some pics from tonight.


Our ski club family certainly is growing!!!  This season we welcomed an additional 27 more kiddos plus another bus bringing us to 3 buses & 132 kids in grades 4-12 from 3 different schools!  We also increased our number of chaperones to 33!!!  Can you imagine if Basketball didn’t interfere with ski club!

Drop Off went very well at all schools this morning.  According to John G the High School kids are more awake than the Whitin kiddos & actually said good morning to him! Maybe next week Eli & I will see some perkier kids!  My guess is the high school kids had some coffee on there way in! 😂

Just remember we are teaching them independence so continue to pull up to the school and let them carry their own bags in.  Also drop off at Whitin is at the cafeteria door on the side of the building.   One more reminder about equipment bags….If your child does not have a snowboard or ski bag please get one before next Tuesday.

The pick up at the High School went well.  Drop off location for gear will not be in the auditorium next week, I think Mr. Rubin is giving John a new location so make sure your kids look for John Grabowski at drop off.

On top of doing the morning drop off at UHS John also ubered myself & Dawn from UHS to Whitin in the afternoon so our cars would be at the right location at the end of the night!  Speaking of which school to be at…we will get to that haha.  Special thanks to John for doing that & riding the bus, you earned your chaperone ski pass today!

The speech by Eli to the Whitin group was nothing short of epic!  It included standing on a chair to get everyones attention, some whistling, and a few bad jokes!!!  I also think his speech may have been written on his phone, either that or his wife was texting him while he was delivering said speech because he kept looking at his phone!!! Oh Eli, you don’t need to try so hard to get everyone’s attention, all the kids love you!

Just ask your kids what his rule #1 was??😂

We managed to get everyone on the appropriate buses & only 1 chaperone got on the wrong bus, in her defense Eli told her the wrong bus.  Also 3 attendance sheets were created for each bus by myself.  We couldn’t find Zachary Turcotte on my bus (4th/5th grade)  Assumed he was absent until 1 kid said he’s in 6th grade.  As both buses arrived at OLV Erin ran Zach’s pass over to the appropriate bus (6th/7th)  I thought, not bad, 3 seperate attendances for 3 differant buses and 1 error.  I was even happier when Eli called me to tell me he was registered initially as a 5th grader…..by his parents!!!  LOL  Don’t worry Zach, I will fix that up for ya but you better remind Mom & Dad your in 6th grade!😂

Next victim…Becky Currie…Oh Becky I get it but yes your kids do in fact need the season pass you purchased for them to ski!!!  The best way I can describe that text between her & I over the last 2 days is the skit from Who’s on 1st, What’s on 2nd & I don’t know is on 3rd!!!!

Final victim on the bus ride up as I am on the phone with Becky is Mrs. Simonds.  She wanted me to know her daughter Caroline left her ski jacket in her classroom!!! I happen to be sitting next to Caroline and I ask her if she has everything while tugging on my own jacket.  This goes completely over her head, haha…Lucky for her I packed a “Survival Bag”  fully equipped with an extra jacket, 2 pairs of different size snow pants, gloves, goggles, helmets, neck warmers!  I decided to pack this bag after my own son forgot his snow pants yesterday at BVT Ski Club!!!  After numerous reminders no less.  Luckily I did because it cam in very useful!!!

Once we arrive the chaos, I mean the fun really began!  Our 20+ chaperones jumped into action and were eager to help.  However Wachusett has a lot of groups, kids get dressed & become unrecognizable and they happen to escape in various directions & in & out of numerous doors.  After climbing onto a chair in the Granite room I manage to locate a few of the kids we were looking for & miracousely get them all off to rentals & lessons.

The lull while they are all out at lessons or just skiing is a welcome relief to us all as we collect ourselves & say to one another, yeah that wasn’t too bad!!!  Controlled chaos is the best way to descibe it.  I begin to look at my phone where I see numerous messages asking if this 1 got their COW card, or if this 1 is OK, or this one is behaving.  I decide to just put a post on FaceBook Ski Bums when Noah tells me someone is hurt & is in First Aid.  Off I go to First Aid, not a good way to start the season & meet 1 of our 8th grade newbies but luckily she will be ok.  Heal up quickly Grace, ironically her fall was described in her own words, anything but graceful!!!

The rest of the night is going well.  Kids have filtered in from lessons & skiing & now are raiding the cafeteria.  Apparently Eli’s message about cleaning up your mess resignated…No trays left behind!!!  Kids were terrified of being shamed as Eli promised he would do if kids did not clean up after themselves!

Time to Leave:  Another fun time, between 7:00-715…They are all getting changed & stuff is everywhere.  They want to go out to the buses, buses don’t arrive until 7:15 so its like holding back a stampede.  For some reason they all want to be 1st on the buses.  Check out the pics for items we collected tonight as the kids hurried out.

Attendance:  My bus perfect, Jamie’s HS bus perfect, Eli’s bus, well only missing 1 OLV 5th grader!  He calls his Dad who is at the mountain with us but the said child id supposed to ride home on the bus.  After 3 out of 4 of the chaperones go looking for him in the lodge he miraculously appears on the bus….Jim Uthoff may need glasses & a lesson on attendance taking….he was there all along!!!!😂😂😂.

The ride home:  I let you all know we are rolling out around 7:32, I should of reiterated again that pick up is alays at the HIGH SCHOOL!!!  Several of you, including veteran ski clubbers went to Whitin instead of UHS!  Oh Boy, Thankfully there is not much traffic at that time .

All in all it was a great time!  We have an awesome group of kids & clearly a great group of parents that will provide us with great Chronicle material!!!!

Goodnight All & See You Next Tuesday!!!!  Same Place, Same Time!!!

Shelley, Eli, & Jim

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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