USSC Final Chronicles – 2019 Ski Season!

Hey All,

What else can I say?!!!  Last week we skied twice in 1 week, had only 1 minor chaperone injury, great conditions, a great pizza party with plenty of desserts & food for everyone at Wachusett & some pretty happy kids all saying how much fun they had this season & how they can’t wait for next year!!!

A successful season by everyone involved!   Every Tuesday we loaded 2 buses from 3 different schools with 105 kids from grades 4-11.  Special thanks to our awesome drivers, Steve & Erin from Foxy Travel for always getting us there & back safely & providing a fun bus experience with great movies to make the ride fly by.  You guys are the best!!!

To our repeat chaperones, thank you for your continued effort over the last several years!  To our new chaperones, thank you for stepping up & learning the ropes so quickly!  The 1st two weeks are always crazy but you trusted us & stuck with it & by week 3 the kids had figured it out for the most part.  We couldn’t do it without your help, really,  as you all saw we can be pulled in 18 different directions at the same time & with out a large group helping it would be impossible!!!

To our parents that trusted us to care for your kiddos & help them with whatever came up & never questioned our abilities, Thank You!!!  My favorite coordinator moment must have been when I was pleading with a 5th grader to wait in my car for Dad to arrive because it was 5 degrees with wind & I had just returned from my cruise the night before. That boy was adamant that he could wait outside but I was too cold to realize he wasn’t comfortable getting in my car because I was not his bus chaperone!  Even though I had 4 kids in my car he wasn’t risking it, lol!

To the kids, Thank You for not getting in trouble with Wachusett & for behaving at the mountain & on the buses!  It definitely was one of our best seasons as far as that goes & most importantly no ambulance rides or major injuries!!!

We have really made an impression on Wachusett & I am pretty certain we are their favorite ski club!  Could be because Eli & I are good at keeping them happy & making them laugh with all our crazy ski club stories every week but they definitely  like us all so that is a great thing!

Hope we have all of your kids back next year & remember to sign up early next season, we have decided to keep it at 2 buses as it is much more manageable so the limit of 105 will remain the same.  We also are considering to have The Ski Shop Plus do all our rentals for next season rather than Wachusett so if you are a renter make sure to sign up early to ensure you will be able to get equipment.

Your child’s Tuesday pass is good till end of season & allows them to receive 50% of their lift pass so make sure they keep it, they were told several times about this.

March skiing can be excellent up there & definitely check out their Pond Skim contest on April 7th this year, if you have never been YouTube it, its a good time!!!  There are many other events also planned so look at their events calendar,  Season Pass Appreciation Weekend is March 30-31 as well as a Cardboard Race contest so check it out, ski club is over but Wachusett is still going strong!

Attached are a few pics of last Thursday & a few funny ones from our “Chaperone Appreciation” after party at Kapi’s.  Mark Francis also started that tradition & you know we will carry that one on!!!  So after last ski club we quickly unload our own kids & meet up generally in record time (9:00pm) to celebrate the end of a successful season of ski club!!!

If you would like in on all this fun please consider chaperoning next season, we are always looking for help!

Thanks again from all your chaperones & coordinators!

Till next season,

Shelley, Eli, & Jim

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club


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