Week 6 USSC Chronicles!

Well its hard to believe that next week is our final week of ski club, that went by fast!  Though I am sad ski club will be over I am really looking forward to some spring weather after having a small taste last week on vacation!

Next week we will have ski club on Tuesday & Thursday (our make-up day from 2/12)  Thursday will be our Pizza Party & Dierdra will be sending out a sign-up genius for apps & desserts.  Disposable containers are the easier way to go as the kids would be responsible for getting your containers back home along with all their gear!!!


Funny story of the day belongs to one of the Tasick boys from the High School.  John & Jack combine all their gear into 2 bags, all gear in 1 bag for both & 2 pairs of skis into another bag.  Great in theory but heavy to carry.   As I am standing at the closet 1 brother grabs the bag with gear & heads off to the bus. A little time passes, I check the closet 1 last time & notice the big bag with skis is still there.  Knowing I saw 1 brother carry out the other bag I grab the heavy ski bag & load it onto the bus.  When I get on we realize 1 brother is MIA.  A few calls later we determine that he took the school bus home forgetting about ski club!!!  Lucky for him he lives along the route to our next stop & we grab him on the side of the road.  Ahh these kids do give me great material don’t they!  He seemed pretty relieved that he did’t end up missing ski club after all!


Lost bag story goes to the Heim family this week.  Apparently Ian grabbed the wrong bag & loaded it onto the 4th-6th grade bus & Isaac says he loaded his bag onto the bus but after searching both buses at the high school it was MIA.  Please look through your kids stuff & make sure it was accidentally grabbed.  This family has a ski trip planned for the weekend but Mom may have to leave the boys at home if the skis are not found quickly!


Eli’s lost & found bag is still lost so any items in there are history!  This is why labeling your stuff with Last Name & USSC is helpful.  In Eli’s defense his bag was labeled but the bag was mixed up with an identical unlabeled bag.


The coordinator that Eli & I had worked with over the last several years showed up to say hello!  It was great seeing Mark & his daughter & we all enjoyed some funny stories of past & present ski clubs!!!  It really is a comedy show at times!


Lastly, no injuries to report!  I guess my announcement on the bus before we got to the mountain worked.  I told them all I was extremely tired from my trip & did not want to go to the hospital tonight so ski safe & don’t do anything dumb tonight!  Thanks for listening kids, we appreciate it!!!!


Remember to sign up for desserts for next Thursday & we will see you all next Tuesday!


Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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