Week 4 USSC Chronicles!

Hard to believe we are at the half way point through the ski club season!!!  We had a great night with temps in the 20’s with some light wind & snow and a few icy spots but thankfully we have no injuries to report!

The high school bus watched Daddy’s Home 2 which seemed to hold their attention better this week although our 7th graders are a chatty bunch.  I believe the girls were putting make-up on some of the boys and someone definitely was over using the body spray but other than a few reminders to stay seated it was typical middle school behavior.  Wish I had gotten a chance to take a pic of the beauty contest though!!!

At the lodge everyone seemed to be ready to go & it was pretty quiet inside until dinner time naturally.  Please remember to keep those COW cards full if your not sending food.  Keep in mind the food is expensive, my son spent $12 on chicken fingers, fries, & mozzarella sticks then forgot to bring a water so that was another $3.50.  COW cards never expire either so if they end up  with a balance it is good anytime & for anything on the mountain.

From the feedback from our awesome chaperones the kids are really enjoying ski club & are have really become comfortable getting to rentals & lessons but also asking us for help when needed.

I can not stress to everyone how AWESOME our group of volunteer chaperones have been this season!!!!  They are having as much fun as the kids are and have made this season flow so smoothly, we are so grateful for all of them!!!!

I am praying we have a Super Bowl win Sunday & if we do would encourage everyone to wear there Patriots gear on Tuesday!   The jersey’s over the jackets is always a good look!!!

Finally a  few lost items were picked up, see the attached pics & we decided to leave the unclaimed ski bag & gear at the High School this week so that mystery continues!!!

That is all for this week!

See You Next Tuesday,

Shelley, Eli, Jim

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club


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