Last Chair! Week 8 Chronicles

132 kiddos + 30 chaperones + 3 buses + 8 weeks = USSC 2020 Ski & Snowboard Club!!!  What a season!!  50 Pizzas devoured Tuesday night along with dozens of cupcakes, brownies, cookies, chips & other yummy items!!!  Enough math, I think all that adds up to one successful season of Ski & Snowboard Club!!!  Thanks to all that sent up goodies! Only a box of chips & 2 Pizzas left over!!!

Mother nature did not provide us in the local area with much snow but we all sure made the best of it!  Wachusett did a phenomenal job with their snow making & grooming and this is the 1st season we did not have a cancellation!! Pretty awesome!!!

A few important points to give you all.  First, Thank you for trusting us with your children!!!  We received so many compliments throughout the season and words of encouragement as we rangled 132 kids  from school to Wachusett and home again.  Equipment may have been mixed up, gloves may have been lost, passes may have been left behind but every week we came home with all the kids that we were supposed to.  We won’t mention any of the parents that forgot to sign their kids out at the mountain that held up a bus or 2 or that time a bus chaperone went home in another chaperones car instead of the bus but we had it all under control!!! 😂

2nd, Thank you to the kids for being so well behaved & respectful during the entire season!  We enjoyed getting to know all of your kids and observed them all being polite, helpful, and kind!  Really awesome group of kids & we hope they will all be back next season!!!

Sadly we say good bye to Brandon Bibeault!  Our senior that began ski club when he was in 4th grade and never missed a season!!!  Good luck next year in school & remember we have a chaperone pass already set aside for you during your winter break!!!

Our 11 new 4th graders had an incredible 1st season!!  Maybe some of them can join Brandon someday in saying they were involved in ski club for 9 consecutive seasons!  Its not easy with other sports conflicts but remember, once you learn to ski or ride its something you can do long after middle & high school sports!  Just look at Eli, ripping it up all over the country this year skiing!

The kids all received “U” decals that we would love to have you put on their helmets for next season so we can identify them easier when they are on the mountain all geared up!  Everyone received 1 on the buses on the ride up so ask them for them.  My 4th/5th grade bus group put them in their school bags on the ride up.

The 8 week passes were handed out to all the kids on the ride home & are good at Wachusett thru the end of the season for 50% off a lift pass.  Also COW cards do not expire and are good anywhere at Wachusett except the Waffle House.  Check out Wachusett’s website for deals and events as well.

This weekend is Chaperone Appreciation weekend!  I will attach the flyer for all my chaperones!  Great weekend for it!!!

The Ski Shop Plus in North Smithfield will be hosting a seasonal rental event for our club next October.  They are ordering more equipment so they can accommodate all our rental needs.  The best part is, their rentals are good from December 1st – April 1st for $10-$20 more than Wachusett’s 8 week rental cost & your kids will have them to use anywhere anytime.  We really want to eliminate Wachusett rentals next season as it makes things hectic the 1st few weeks with having kids and chaperones having to deal with going to rentals twice and hurrying to lessons so please keep that in mind for next season.  This is a better alternative all around.  This year we only had 15 Wachusett renters!!

If your child is in the 8th grade and has applied to BVT they do have a 6 week ski program on Mondays & it fills up just as fast so be aware of that. My middle son, Eli’s 2 boys, and Jim’s oldest all did it and had a great time.

Remember sign-ups for next season will be in the beginning of October.  If you are a parent or have another child that wants a season pass next year reach out to me before purchasing.  It is cheaper to buy your pass thru our GPS season pass group, Uxbridge Ski Bums. Anyone can use that code!

Also if you want to purchase your child season pass now for next season use our school group code TUXB and their pass is a Gold pass for the remainder of this season.

We also want to give a huge Thank You to FOXY Travel for getting us to and from the mountain in comfort & style!!!  We are lucky to have them and their luxury buses in our neighborhood!  Definitely check out their website as they have some pretty amazing bus trips year round!  I have been on a few and they have been top notch!!!

Thanks to all the chaperones that come up every week & help!!!  Its 100% team effort and it would not be possible without the commitment you all have to this program!  We actually have 2 chaperones that do not even have kids in the program anymore and both said they would be back next season!!!  You are all a great group of people and it has been fun getting to know the newbies this season!!!  I think they will be back next year too!!!

Many of you have kids that will be in 4th grade next year.  If you are on the fence about whether or not they are ready I can say that the 11 we had did outstanding!!!  So proud of all of them but especially the 4th graders!!!  If you have questions or you know someone that is considering it for next season give them our email or have them reach out on Facebook.  We are always looking to grow our program but 3 buses will be our limit so remember when sign-ups open up do not delay, secure the bus part of our sign-ups first!

We hope to see you all back next season!!! As my bus put it when asked, on a scale of 1-10 what do rate Ski Club?  I heard lots of 11’s!!!  Smart kids!!!

Enjoy the pics, I think we got a pic of everyone this week!!!

Till Next Season!

Shelley, Eli, & Jim

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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