Week 2 USSC Chronicles!

Here it is, the long-awaited 2019 Uxbridge Ski and Snowboard Club Chronicles for week 2, special edition. This is from the writer that never writes. So, pour yourself a warm drink and read on to see if your kid made the Chronicles this week. Actually, the kids were all great, and it’s a few of the adults getting chronicled this week.

The Ferrage family has a streak going. They’ve successfully had one person miss each of the first two weeks. We really do hope you feel better soon Shelley. But, by the way, Ben was able to do everything himself tonight (no hand holding). Ok back to the business.

The most important streak: We made it through another week without any injuries. Let’s keep this streak going for the whole season! It was quiet in the lodge most of the night with everyone out enjoying the “warmer” temps and great conditions on the slopes. Can 28 degrees really be considered warm? Well, after this past weekend I say yes.

Another great week on the buses. Pick was smooth once again. On Bus 1 “the older bus” they watched Night School and it sounded like it was a hit for a movie and a well-behaved bus ride. Bus 2 “the younger bus” watched Small Foot was a big hit also.

It was a quiet ride home. Almost too quiet. And just as I was reflecting on how uneventful the night had been the phones started ringing. No, we didn’t leave anyone behind. But one of the parents, who was parked at Wachusett, put their car keys in their child’s bag. Well that child, their bag and the car keys were on a bus ride back to Uxbridge, somewhere about 10 minutes south of Wachusett at this point.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just let this picture of keys sitting on a post outside of some route 140 roadside tavern fill in what happened next. Thank you Dawn for coming to the rescue and bringing the keys back to the mountain. Next week, Bino will be assigned a special chaperone to make sure he has his keys with him at all times.

Jim and Eli got into trouble with the mountain this week and got yelled at for someone using someone else’s season pass last week. I guess they really do check that sort of thing. It was a man using a woman’s pass who evidently didn’t pass for a woman. Might have been the beard. So don’t share season passes because they have file photos and they really do monitor the users.

Things that got left behind: 1) A New England Patriots beany hat that Rebecca will be happy to keep if no one claims it. See photos on the website. (Also, Go Pats!)

2) A set of skis poles and helmet in nice orange camo ski bag. I’m sure that someone will want this back and Eric Lowrey, who had room for them in his truck, is holding onto them.

Well everything went well without Shelley. So next week you will only be seeing Shelley in the lodge while Jim and I will be skiing.

Great job everyone and see you next Tuesday!!

Eli, Jim & Shelley

– –

Uxbridge Ski & Snowboard Club

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