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      Thank you for your interest in SKI CLUB!
       January 2, 2018 will be our first outing.
       Get Ready!!!

New to Ski Club? Some of the most important things to know:
USSC is a private, all-volunteer, not-for-profit entity serving Uxbridge Public Schools.
USSC is not directly affiliated with the school system or the town of Uxbridge.
Grades 3-12 are welcome to participate. Please note that 3rd grade
   students require a parent-chaperone.
The club operates for 8-weeks (8 Tuesday evenings), generally from
    January through early March, excluding February vacation week.
AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, especially for the youngest members:
Lessons are only $10 each and run for the first 6-weeks!!!!
There are two parts to a USSC membership:
1. Ski Club Membership
    Cost = TBD for 2017-18 (pricing should be posted by 9/23/17)
       Includes: transportation, the excellent assistance of our all-volunteer chaperones,
       end of season pizza party and more.
2. Wachusett Mountain - click here for complete program information
     Cost = $130 for Lift Badge*
              Lessons = $60 (6 lessons over first 6 of 8 weeks)
              Rentals = $110 for 8-weeks or $179 for the season
                 *Season Pass at additional cost, see group sign up info for details.
                   Your schools code >>>>>>   Whitin: WE        McC/UHS: TWNUX

For more detailed information please review our FAQ.